Rational Healthcare Delivery

Relationships count

Allevion is the product of deep understandings of and hard-nosed approach to the realities, problems, and barriers in the contemporary healthcare market. It is the story of challenges faced and overcome. Here is a partial list of some of the parties with which the company has contractually formed new kinds of business relationships:

Our Partners

Allevion is based in a real-world experience in engaging with healthcare stakeholders and selling them on new ways of doing business. Along the way, this has meant forming a payment system for laparoscopic prostatectomy with Aetna, building a national bundled network tier with Blue Cross, and convincing many participants to accept blended rates in exchange for not billing patients for ancillary procedures.

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Leavitt Risk Partners

Boston Scientific Corporation

University of Utah Medical Center

Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York

Wauwatosa Surgery Center

Northwest Hills Medical Center

Sheridan Anesthesia

Baptist Health Lexington