Rational Healthcare Delivery

Our Founder

Arnon Krongrad, M.D. joined his first house call at age 6. Since then, he has delivered babies in remote Africa, attended to gun shot wounds in the inner city, cloned a gene, and modeled cancer survival. He was part of the team that showed for the first time that a dietary supplement can prevent cancer

In 1999, Dr. Krongrad introduced a wildly disruptive new way to do prostate cancer surgery. That event, which ushered in modern robotic surgery, brought him a global referral pattern and thrust him squarely and unexpectedly into the problem of access to surgical care. This problem he approached the only way a surgeon knows how: directly, unrelentingly, and practically.



Kevin McPherson


The Lumens Group, senior healthcare logistics executive. Formerly VP Healthcare at FedEx.

Pete Martinez


Sivotec Analytics, senior data analytics executive, formerly VP Global Business Services at IBM

Henri Cattier


Commonwealth Health Advisors, senior healthcare payments executive, with domain expertise in revenue cycle management and patient financial engagement. Formerly VP Channel Development at Athena Health.

Steven Gerst


Senior healthcare entrepreneur with a rich history in and deep sense of market trends including in insurance, devices, consumer engagement, and much more.

Stuart Beaton


The foremost authority on the information technology used to power some of Allevion's products, with expertise and experience in all HIPAA transactions.  Primary author of both the Eligibility Benefit Guides adopted for use under HIPAA.

Kevin Watson


Engineer and Wall Street investment baner turned venture capitalist. Runs a cybersecurity firm and brings deep experience in data security, managed technology services, and high-growth technology companies.