A consumer facing software application that designs and delivers optimized, comprehensive, flat-fee surgery packages. An online retail free market that simplifies consumer access to uncommonly qualified, peer credentialed surgeons. Available as a privately labeled version for your product.

The brains. Allows real-time insights about the economic and social preferences of consumers and surgeons. Validates assumptions, shapes network strategy, and optimizes logistics to better serve consumers who shop for surgery on their cell phones. 

Allevion develops and operates a cloud based software application that optimizes and simplifies access to surgery. It represents a new form of the sharing economy and a new form of healthcare consumerism. Allevion offers consumers choice of financial risk protected, flat-fee surgery packages led by peer credentialed surgeons. It offers device and facility partners a new way to differentiate and grow. 

A cloud based portal that provides health plan members the real-time administrative knowledge they crave as they struggle to make the best surgery decision for themselves. Satisfies members, reduces overhead, and aligns incentives.