Let's fix it.

It's possible to rationalize the surgical ecosystem, a leviathan that represents a third of the healthcare market. It's possible to drive convenience and value from patient to forklift operator. We know this because we've done this. We've dynamically optimized surgical service delivery and lowered cost, so efficiently that Blue Cross asked us to apply our model to its network. We've designed and delivered comprehensive, flat-fee surgery packages led by the surgeons that surgeons use when they need surgery: quality, convenience, and value all in one stop.

Our software.

We've built software applications that prove that efficient surgical care can be accessed conveniently. These applications enable simple shopping for surgery, drive personalized out-of-pocket cost in real time, and capture data that show surprising patterns in surgical consumer behavior.

Our technology platform, which integrates modules that face from the patient to the forklift operator, will drive an efficient surgical ecosystem. It will deliver comprehensive, personalized out-of-pocket costs to surgical shoppers. It will harvest data to help large systems understand how people shop for surgery so they can better allocate resources. It will use these data to dynamically optimize the provision of services using excess spot capacity, modern drone delivery, and the inherent mobility of patients, surgeons, anesthesiologists, and gizmos. When we are done, patients will find convenience and the surgical economy will be $600BB a year lighter.

"Alexa, what's my out-of-pocket?"

A future of convenience and value.

The surgical ecosystem is a mess.

On the one side, patients can't get simple answers to simple questions, like what's their comprehensive, personalized out-of-pocket cost. On the other side, excess warehouse inventory and supply chain waste mean needlessly high cost. In between the patient on his phone and the driver on his forklift are surgeons, anesthesiologists, facilities, payers, and other frustrated participants.


Rational Healthcare Delivery